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Signal is TAXI’s strategic design and technology practice.

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We all send signals,
intentionally or not.

We wear wedding rings to signify our love. We choose our clothes to show the world who we are. Some of us even camp out for the newest pair of sneakers and then never wear them.

Each of the signals we emit is meaningful. They define us and announce to the world who we are.

Your business sends signals too.

What does your branding say about your organization?
Is your story worth telling?
What makes you stand out from the noise?

You’ve got a

brand. story. message.

With strategically lead design and technology, we will ensure your message is seen, heard, and felt.

Contact us to see how we can help elevate your brand.

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Canada’s Walk of Fame

Canada’s Walk of Fame came to Signal looking for help to completely reinvent their organization and, in doing so, establish them as the foremost honour for cultural excellence in the country.

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Centric Mining Systems

NCS Technologies (now Centric Mining Systems) chose Signal to help them restructure their offering and reinvent their brand. The inspiration for our work was the distinct notion that NCS provides a “clear view” of their clients’ businesses. We brought this to life across all of their communication channels.

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Bales Beall

Bales Beall LLP came to Signal in need of a new brand positioning and identity that better suited their reputation for being among the best in the business. Following an in-depth strategic exploration and positioning exercise, the vision for the brand came to life across communication channels and visual assets. The work was inspired by the quality of the firm and its principled and strategic approach.

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